Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Earn Extra RM20

Today I got a call from a malay lady at around 5.45pm, I was at the hyper market with my daughter. The malay lady was trying to explain who she was and how we met 1 year ago!

Then I finally remember, she did a milk powder survey with me when I was waiting my car to be wash in the car wash area.

Today she called up again, and offer a sanitary pad survey! Which would repay me RM20 by end of the survey. I tried to push off the offer, saying that I am outside and busy afterwards. However, she said it will only take a little while...

Finally she arrived my house, we went on with the survey. By no time! Less then 10 Minutes! It was done and I earn the extra RM20.

That was easy money!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Away for some time...

Yeah I was really away from my blog for sometimes, because my daughter is growing older and her nap time is shorter.

I hardly can find time for myself, especially in front of my laptop.

I am actually expecting my second baby by early June, i suppose i need more rest. So I rather take a nap or read magazine on the sofa, in order to get more rest.

Really hope to visit all of your blog more recently.

Everybody out there do have a good time blogging!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Unexpected Noise Vs Baby Sleeping

My daughter is now 2 years and 4 months, sometimes its really hard to put her to sleep.

She is very playful, asking me to accompany her to play even she's very sleepy!?

Try to keep her down on the bed. Sing song to her, tell stories...etc... do things to keep her down from her active moves, but then she will still stand up and jump on the bed!

Some how some unexpected noise came from outside of my housing area, a drunk guy came home yelling non-sense! That really did scared my darling baby away! She fell down on the bed flat and cover her face with her nappy cloth. Stayed there not moving for about five minutes waiting for the noise to stop.

By the time when it was quite again, my baby girl was sleeping save and sound. After 15 minutes, she's started to snore a little. That means she is really tired!

Sometimes, I feel glad to have this unexpected annoying noise around!

Silly to say, but did help me out a lot!

God! Really gave me some time to have a good rest!