Sunday, March 29, 2009

Window Thief! Beware of valuables!

This incident happen on 28 March 2009, 4am midnight.

It was a rainy night, so i decide to open all my bed room window and on the fan instead of the air-cond. Firstly its nice to sleep in a natural breeze when its cool outside, secondly I can save some electricity money! Hit 1 stone with 2 bird?!

Somehow, I was wrong about it!

My husband came back from work at 3am midnight, he called me up to open the main entrance for him. Unfortunately, i only answer my hand phone the 3rd time when my husband rang me. I went out and open the door for him, and directly went back to bed and slept for another half an hour. 3.30am I woke up and came out to the living room to have my supper that was pack from my husband. After my supper, around 4am I went back to my bed room to take a peak on my sleeping baby.

My heart pump out in a sudden when I saw a broom stick lying on my bed! Then i looked at my window, my mosquito net that was install outside of my window was TEAR OFF! What a shock! I called my husband to come in the room, as he was reading the news paper at the living room.

We were all horrified! My husband wanted to go out and have a look, which I advice him not to. Woke my grandma out, found out the broom stick is actually from our garden. Luckily my baby was still fast asleep, as I think the thief did not see her, cus she was just sleeping below the window corner. So lucky my darling baby is not hurt...

We all sat at the living room and trying to calm ourself down, around 5am we all went back into our bedroom with all the windows close and LOCKED! On the air-cond, even its cool outside!

Woke up in the morning, and wanted to make a phone call. Found my hand phone missing! and it was unable to call thru! Oh DAMN! the thief took my hand phone! It was located on my desk which is near the window about 6 feet away. The lenght is just long enough for a broom stick! Went in the garden and found another broom for sweeping dry leaves were standing against my room wall! That really explain everything!

The thief actually heard my hand phone rang for so many times, and even could see where my hand phone was by the light when it rang. Waiting for me to leave the room in order to wait for his chance to steal. Took one broom stick to reach out and another broom to drop my hand phone on it, after that throw the unused broom stick on my bed and hand out the another broom outside the room to get my hand phone!

Half an hour the thief can do that! Even he knows that there is people sitting at the living room!

Conclusion! Do not place any valuables near the window, 5-8 feet away.

My hand phone is rather old and I've used for quite some years, lucky nobody got hurt, lucky its not a new phone.

Me and my husband hand phone is now located very far from the window. Even though we locked our window at night.