Thursday, August 7, 2008

New Laptop & Camera!

Yesterday my mom & me went to Lawyat to buy a small laptop & a camera for my younger sister.

Her training is going to end soon and journey of flying around is going to begin!
She would need a lightweight laptop & a camera (Take pictures in the plane, Hand phone are not allow to be on during the flight).

All along I was using ASUS laptop, bought 4 years++ ago.
It is still functioning very well!

My mom bought a laptop last year.
Somehow that model was not that good.
Have sent to repair few times in 1-year time!
Luckily it is under warranty!
As per the technician guy, that model have lots of problems!
Oh dear, no regrets at this time...

We went to look around for the mini laptop
(not more then 10 inch wide).

Checked out Acer laptop, the memory is only 8G and it's too little.

Asus Eee PC, it has 30G memory! Hey that's good!

Bargain on the price RM1399, actually didn’t get any further discount only got us some free gifts. A headphone + mic & a mouse.

The price I think was good because other shops sold at RM1499 & RM1599, of course with more free gifts!
Eee PC 900 (BLACK)
I rather get it in a cheaper price then all the free gifts.
But of course even with cheaper price, my mom will still ask for free gifts. Haha :D

Camera that we bought was the CANON ixus.
The camera cost RM880 inclusive 4G memory card & a screen protector.

Canon iXUS (PINK)

Its really fun doing all this shopping, in few hours time we spent RM2279!
Since we need it so urgently we didn't really take much time buying it (2 hours, is it consider fast?)

My mom & the new laptop and camera :)

Reach home and tested out the laptop & camera.
Feeling exciting & happy with the products!
Now we are waiting for my sister to come pick up the goods once touch down Malaysia :)


Tammy said...

Those are so cute and tiny! Love them!

Monica said...

wow, Cinny's such a lucky girl! :-D
I love it too!!

onlinelaptops said...

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Lianny said...

Yeah! Its really light & convenient!

When mom is around, anything is posible :)

Thanks for your info, really need it urgently.

U.Lee said...

Hi Lianny, good choice of camera and laptop. Did you buy a carrying case for the laptop or it came together?
Lucky sister. Lee.

Lianny said...

She sure is a lucky girl.
There is no carrying case only a bag to protect it :)

molly said...

The laptop is so small and cute. I have the same camera in blue, should have choosen the pink colour. Regret!

Lianny said...

Blue is nice to.. :)
No regrets la!
My sister like pink, but laptop does not have pink version in Malaysia, only available in the overseas :p

Imelda said...

Cool gadgets to travel around. Lucky sister of urs. Hey, mother looks like a sister to u. Still looking young.

Carlina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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