Friday, August 29, 2008

Been Cheated! Damn!

Today morning I went to the buy old gold shop to sell of some old & unfit gold.

It has been kept in my drawer for quite some time, until it got my attention last week when I was cleaning up my things. Nowadays wearing gold really put attraction to thief, so I dare not to wear any of them!

I think I've not worn them more then 2 years+! Ever since I heard my neighbor being snap on the neck for a gold necklace by a motorist near my housing area. However, the thief did not get to snap the necklace but my neighbor fell down on the floor and got some scratches on the knee. It’s really not worth it.

So I plan to sell it off and get some cash instead of exchanging new gold items.

I think I was really stupid! When I think back what happen today!

I was really conscious & putting it important on how much they gave me the price per gram.

One shop really did offer a high price, so I gave him all the goods and he weights it. I did not weight it myself at home, so I assume the weight he provides me is correct (This was my HUGE mistake!).

Heaven’s sake! I came home and found some of my gold receipts and found out the total weight is much more then what the guy weighted for me in the shop!

HOLLY shit! I've been CHEATED!

No tears to wipe now!
What have done is done.
No regrets!

This really did teach me a HUGE lesson!
Never trust people easily! Especially anything does with money!
This lesson really did cost me much!
Sniff sniff ~~~~~~ Sad & Unpredictable


Tammy said...

That's horrible!

molly said...

Ha ha ha ha! Once bitten twice shy. I was bitten before. Now I still have some of those junks in my store. I got some thick, thick one oh! Ha, ha, inside is hollow lah!

Monica said...

yeah, that's terrible!!!! Be careful next time my dear..
btw, I have a tag for you here.

Lianny said...

I will never ever do this again!

That's good better keep it then loose it!

Thanks! I've done the tag :)

Jacky Chung said...

always careful with money. :). Do not feel tedious. I did and many shop onwer dare not to cheat me. :)

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