Thursday, July 31, 2008

DURAIN FESTIVAL, yummy yum yum :p

These few days, were very hot days in Kuala Lumpur!~

But however, we all got very attracted by the durian stalls all the way on the roadside!

The durians were pilling up like mountains!
Ops, forgot to take a picture of them :p

So yesterday, we all went for Durians!!!
That was our dinner :)

Reach the stalls at the roadside at about 5.30pm, taking good look at the durians.

We have chosen 20 Durians that cost us RM40.
I think it is Cheap!

Sat on the table and started the feast!

Don't be surprise that was the one we have finish eating!
And yet the one's on the table we are still eating :p
But we didn’t really get to finish all, did too take away some.

I think the amount is not too much for 5 adults :p

The durian was really GOOD!

The advantage of sit down and eat, is we get to exchange the bad durians if it does happen that we choose one :)

I think most of us would know that durian is a very heaty fruit!
In order to cool down the heat is to take an empty durian shell, rub some salt on the white skin & put drinking water in it and drink 2~3 shells.

But have you heard how to get rid of the durian aroma in your hand?
This was taught by my own grandfather, which he does own a durian mountain last time when I was still a kid.

Just take a durian shell and rub your finger on the inner white skin under the tap water.

Smell your fingers again?

Does it work or not?
Try it yourself :p

It's the Durian festival now!
I think for overseas friends should have getting imported durians now in the supermarket :)

***** ENJOY DURIANS!!! *****

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I got this award from Tammy.
Thank you very much.
Would like to mention, this is the FIRST Award I receive!

1. Only 5 people are allowed to receive this award
2. 4 of them followers of your blog.
3. One has to be new to your blog and live in another part of the world.
4. You must link back to who ever gave you the award.
I'm going to pass this award to Monica, Molly, Imelda, Dora, and U.Lee.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Having new shoes problem?

This was my Chinese New Year shoes (It's old by now!)

Can't afford to wear heels when I'm always carrying a baby. The store keeper says these are 'sotong' shoes (Korea trend now days), the side of the shoes contains rubber that enables you to stretch on it.

The shoe really does feel comfortable!
It's like you are not wearing any shoes at all!

Somehow it is not advisable if your walking distance is long
(Can you imagine not wearing shoes and walk for 5 hours of shopping?!)

Yeah it gave me a stiff pain on the foot!
(did teach me a lesson to wear sport shoes!)

However, there's more problem to worried about new shoes!
It gave me red spot of pain killing water pops and skin peeling off due to the new fabric.

There are all kinds of saying by the old people that I’v heard from to avoid it!
a) Trough your new shoes on the floor as hard as you can
b) Bite on it!
c) Rub the fabric to make it soft.

But I think all these method did’t really work out :p

This was a tip by my grandmother.
Yeah, old people advise too! But it works!

Take a candle and rub it all over the shoes, especially the place that gave me all the pain!

In no time!

I tried it on again.

It was really comfortable!

No more pain at all!

If the pain really does come back the 2ND time when you wear your shoes, just rub candle on it again!

It's so simple and convenient!

Maybe some of you did know about this technique.
But no harm to share it out with you all!

Cus It really did impress me :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gastric Attack!

Yesterday evening before 6pm, my husband came back and brought daughter & me to the children park. My husband bought us J Co Donuts from Sunway Pyramid!

6 flavors! Mango, Cheese, Pizza, Tiramisu, Strawberry & Oreo. It was so delicious that I can't resist to eat 1 follow by 1, until the box was all left empty, not even some cream was stuck on it!

Haha! That was fun & delicious!

However, something bad happen after a while...

I had a very bad gastric! Due to too much of cream! 6 Donuts hubby & me finish within 15 minutes in the park.
Haha... think it was a little too much :)

I always have some Actal pills (for gastric) standby in the house, because once in a while I will do have gastric if I'm not careful with my food. Hah! Like what happen yesterday! Unfortunately 4 Actal pills have all eaten up! And I'm still with the major pain! Oh dear!

My husband then asks me to take some of my daughter's gripe water. Huhh!! Gripe Water (fei chai sui, in chinese), what??!! Did I hear it wrong? Then I was thinking all non-sence... Will it make me fat? Gripe Water is meant for babies & kids. My husband then took out a soupspoon, and said: 'take 2 spoon of it, you'll should feel OK by then.'

OK, what ever it is. As long as it can take off my pain, i'll do anything! Drank it fast, and sat down to rest for a while. Amazingly, I didn’t bother about my pain, and was enjoying watching the movie showing on TV.

I went and take a glance of the Gripe Water Bottle: 'Relief from wind pains, digestive upsets'.
I think It really make sense! It really works!

Something funny caught me… :p
Under the dosage column: 1 to 6 month baby 1 teaspoon... two years & above 2-3 teaspoon.
Haha, Then I was wondering 2-soup spoon for adults (thinking to myself).

Drank another 2 spoon full before I went to sleep, slept well last night with no disturb until this morning. Woke up this morning & I was feeling well!

My younger sister also does have this kind of sickness 'GASTRICK!' a very bad one too! Every time she gets hunger, she must find food or else she’ll get gastric attack. During her empty stomach, she’ll have to take small portion of food and eat slow!

However, she cured it with a method that it sounds so impossible!
A Taiwan friend gave the advice.

After meal, squeeze 1 whole lemon juice only and add a pinch of salt, drink it once a day. Continue with it about 1 week, gastric will go off automatically! Say bye bye to gastric!

My sister was the white mouse.
The result was unbelievable! It works!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Merry Go Around

Today's Saturday! And my husband is not working today, would spend the day with the family.

Went over to my mother in law's Condo for swimming, it really has been sometime I've not been working out. I've only gone for 2 laps and I was panting, and feeling my arms & legs are getting heavier & heavier...

Wow, I really see the difference! When I was in college, there's an Olympic length swimming pool and I can do 20 laps easily! Today? 2 laps of a small swimming pool, I'm already feeling tired!

Ever since I was pregnant I did not do any major exercise that I enjoyed much, Swimming, Fast/Modern Dance, Gym workouts... etc. That makes me into today, panting after 2 laps of a small swimming pool. Now only I realize!

After the tired exercise, we all went out for dinner. Kenny Rogers at the IOI Mall (Puchong), why there? Because that's the only place where we can find food & Merry go round! Which obviously the priority for my daughter to enjoy :)

My daughter really did enjoyed the ride! By the way, she went on for 2 times, before & after dinner :) Love to see her smile!

Happy weekends to all my dear friends!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Facebook Request?

Not really into facebook.
It has too many applications inside!
No time to go into the application to find out what in the world it was created for.

Monica, you are not really the one who actually don't reply peoples request.
Haha me too. Bad me :p

It's really not in purpose, too busy looking after my baby.
I'm not able to on my laptop when she is around, will only get to go online when she's asleep.

I have been clicking ignore for more then 10 times, and I have still this much to go! Oh dear! What to do?

I decide to click on the "Ignore all". (Did't see it in the first place :p)

I did that because some of the request was like 'N' years ago.
Of course I did accepted some request that was sent recently.

One of the application I did enjoy was the Chinese Astrology

I always do like to read about Astrology, never miss to read it on every Sunday's newspaper (Nanyang).

It is good to know things that we should avoid or be alert to chances.
No harm to know, but of course not to rely on it 100%.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Antibiotic, I need you!

I was really missing in action! Last week I was super duper BUZY!
Finally my body cannot stand all the running & less liquid! Fell sick on last Saturday.
Got bad flu, nose block, ears block, sore trout, dizziness...

Ate Panadol soluble in the morning & at night....... No use at all!

Sunday, my panel doctor was not open. Have to go to the another doctor, where I will only go to him on Sunday's or non working hours, cus they operate 18hours. Surprise me was, I think the whole clinic has sold to an Indian doctor or so... didn't bother much, I just need some flu pill I thought.

The doctor was so young, and did not feel he has a Doctor's professionalism. But I know it's OK, cus I just need some flu pill & antibiotics which I think its very common. Cost me RM30, went off.

Got home immediately ate all the pills, slept for 4 hours, got up feeling better. Continuously ate the medicine until Tuesday.

Tadaah!!! ...... TODAY I'm as brand new as I was before!

I think I'm out of antibiotic in my body!

However, slept my time over. My house work??!! Looks like a loooong list to me!!

Its good to be back in shape again!
No Mather how much house work I will have to do, be HEALTHY!


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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Sister Left On 14th June 08

My youngest sister Cinny got offered a job as Gulf airline stewardess. Left to Bahrain for training on 14th June. We all sent my Sis to KLIA, well some tears did burst out from my mom :) She said it's because some other friends was crying so she just got influence. Haha :D Yeah, right!
My mom currently called me up very frequent, was curious what has happen. One day I found out, she was very lonely at home. No one to talk to, get angry to, discuss to... Even when come to groceries buying, the very frequent question 'what would you like to eat, tell me & I will buy the necessaries'. This question was frequent ask to me before I was married :p Then followed by my youngest sister.

My brother? He's not staying with my mom and only comes back once in a while.

My Elder sister? She's working at night & sleeps in the day time, don't really get much chance to talk to her.
My mom was thinking how would Cinny get used to the environment & worried on how to take care herself(1st time leaving house). However the question I think went the other way around?! My mom was not getting used of the environment at home.

However, Luckily that she is still busy running in & out the temple to help things out. At least won't keep her too empty at all times :p
Time will do keep things going on, and I will be around for her (she was a single mother ever since I was 18 years old. She did anything to keep 4 of us well!)
My mom you are the very best!